Custom homes

This page is still under construction, look for more updates soon.

Are you ready for a new home? Colorado Deck and Framing can work with you to design  and build a home that will be more functional, and energy efficient. We can use traditional building practices like wood stick framing, however we recommend using more innovative technology such as ICF (insulated concrete forms), SIP (structural insulated panels), SCIP (structural concrete insulated panels) all of these options offer far better energy efficiency than traditional stick built homes. ICF is also considered a fireproof option, and properly designed and specced will offer you a home that looks like a traditional home but gives you concrete exterior walls that won’t burn and offers a highly efficient exterior wall with built in insulation. Here is a great link outlining the fireproofness of ICF construction

When it comes to finishing the interior of your home there are many better options available over the traditional finishes, from steel studs interiors (straighter walls), in floor heat, Geothermal, Solar PV arrays, LED lighting, high efficiency furnaces and appliances, spray foam insulation (great in the roof of an ICF house), and many more options. Many of these options cost less than most think and will pay for themselves over time.