Why Steel?

Why should steel be used for your deck project?

Below you will find a number of pictures of a project that show the disadvantages of wood along with how steel is a better option. Some of the other reasons that steel is superior to wood are: Stronger in smaller profiles, lighter material for equivalent strength, non combustible (fireproof), durability, consistency, won’t sag, warp or rot, fully recyclable, and contains a high percentage of recycled material.

Here is what most of the decks we replace look like when we first meet the homeowners.

Everything appears to be fine on the outside, but it’s more about what you don’t see or notice as easily.

This is often what is lurking underneath the outside fascia boards, this beam is severely rotted and could result in catastrophic failure that may lead to serious injury or worse.

This steel framework will ensure the deck will last a lifetime!

The deck can be finished off with a variety of colors and styles of materials giving you an attractive solution that is truly worry free.